Season Greetings from all at the SFSA
Scottish Football 
Supporters Association

Dear All,

Since the organisation was born in April 2015 we have grown from the seed of an idea of a few frustrated fans to an organisation with a high quality board of passionate supporters, an organisation that is in the process of completing its first two projects for the Scottish Government and one that represents Scottish football supporters in Europe. We also managed to attend conferences in Turkey and Belfast and present our vision for fan involvement at both Westminster and Holyrood. We all know just how much work has to be done to rebuild Scottish football and to give you, the real supporters of our game, the voice you deserve.

We would ask all members to do one thing this festive period then it is to get all your friends and family to sign up. If you love football you should be a member of the SFSA! Please also make sure you follow us on all the social media channels too. Please remember to listen out for the results of our Fans Awards which will be announced on BBC's Off the Ball on Radio Scotland before the end of the year.

As the festive season is approaching fast, we want to use this opportunity to say thanks to you our members and to our sponsors at, Davidson Chalmers, RSM and Wave PR. We hope you all enjoy your own wee winter break.

2016 was a year full of work, development and success, but also changes and challenges and 2017 promises more of the same. We started our monthly newsletters, our weekly activity bulletin, the Fans Awards and have grown the membership to over 65,000. We have also had a significant media presence and have continued to speak up for fans when we think it is important. With your continued support we are sure that there is much that we can achieve next year.

We wish you a lovely festive break and a good start to 2017! And thanks again for your continued support!


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