A review of all the main Scottish football talking points for you to reflect on this month.



Dear Fellow Supporter,

Welcome to your Movember newsletter (look out for some great pictures to celebrate Movember on our website and Facebook page this month). We do hope that you enjoyed the first issue and will continue to give us your support as we try to drive the fans agenda here in Scotland.

We hope in the coming months to show you how the landscaping is changing and that you can be part of a young dynamic organisation that wants to drive change in our game.

I hope you do enjoy the read and take the time to consider how you can be part of changing the landscape of Scottish Football by being an active participant in our movement for change. The most important thing we would ask you to do this month is to sign up, encourage your fellow fans to join up and of course to vote for our first ever Fans Awards for 2016!

Chair SFSA


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2016 Fans Awards - By fans for fans! 

Our original plan was to launch these awards in May as a season end activity. We are glad to say that with so many other awards happening at that time of year we decided to make these Annual Awards for a calendar year!
So get voting for the first ever awards that  have been created by Fans for Fans. It takes just 5 minutes to enter and we will announce the winners either late December of early January - hopefully live on Radio!

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SFSA sign Prof. Gordon P. McNeil to our writing team

Earlyman Football

Were has football come from, where is it going , should footballers be  consuming less sugar and the big bang theory as it has applies to football! The SFSA is delighted to welcome to our writing team the colourful scientific and totally unique world according to Professor Gordon P. McNeil. Nothing has ever been like this before and we will offer you the opportunity to visit the surreal world of the Professor in the coming weeks and months ahead! Read more about him here:

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   Image copyright Mike Kenyon with thanks


Irvine Welsh responds to the news that Prof. Gordon P. McNeil will be joining the SFSA!

Read what a cult author and fitba fanatic Irvine Welsh thinks about one of Prof. Gordon P. McNeil's major theories on the evolution of football in our exclusive piece.

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Our ongoing work starting to build momentum

Over the next 6 months your organisation will continue to evolve into a campaigning body that really starts to address the changes that we believe need to be addressed to change the game. Please follow us closely and consider getting more involved. You can see you can help below .... if every fan gave a few hours a month we really would be an unstoppable force

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The end for Supporters Direct in Scotland?

It is a shock to us that the organisation is still in existence as its grants from the Scottish Government ended some time ago. Our position is that there is only room for one truly national and inclusive fans organisation in Scotland and that it should be is run from within these borders. Despite many attempts to engage with their hierarchy in London they have ignored us. In light of this revelation in the press we have written to them again. We will keep you posted if their Board in London ever comes back to us.

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