A review of all the major football talking points for you to reflect on this week

Is gambling the next crisis to hit Scottish Football?

Gambling is a booming business and the fact is young men who follow football are the key target market for the Bookmakers. However, new research indicates that there are Gambling problems for '1 in 4 young men' in the UK.
With Scottish football awash with gambling money from a plethora of sponsorship deals, you have to wonder how long issues like this will be ignored by the football authorities.

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How many female Board Directors in Scottish Football?

Muirfield golf club has voted to admit women as members for the first time in its history. Members at the privately-owned club voted 80.2% in favour of updating their membership policy. It followed a decision by golf's ruling body, the R&A, to remove Muirfield as a host venue for the Open Championship after it failed to change in 2016.
Within football  there seems to be a change in attitudes with the SFA appointment of Hala Ousta at the SFA to look at the diversity and equality agenda in Scottish Football. However, with only around half a dozen females involved in the game at Board level there remains a huge challenge ahead to get better gender representation at our clubs. If you know of any female Boards Directors let us know and we will compile a list.

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Our clubs are community assets

In Scotland we have seen some of our biggest clubs fail in the past few years and, thankfully, due mostly to the efforts of supporters the clubs have survived. Given how important clubs are to the community any crisis at any club is a crisis that all football fans should be concerned about. Many of us have favourite teams in England and here at the SFSA we will be throwing our support behind a fans day of action in England.

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TV deals and Scottish Football - let us talk

Much has been made of the new proposed TV deal that BT has been negotiating. Any new money into the game is good news and to be welcomed. The danger of course is that the larger the sum involved the less the input of fans. We believe that as has happened in England where our sister organisation the FSF has (at the request of the Premiership) had discussions with the Broadcasters to get across fans views. Here at the SFSA we will be pressing for the same access. We will keep you informed of progress.

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Could Scottish Clubs self police diving with their own players?

Are there any clubs in Scotland brave enough to follow the lead of Swedish side Osters IF? They have had it up to *here* with diving and play-acting and, as such, are taking matters into their own hands.

The second-tier club is launching a zero-tolerance initiative that will see them happily punish their own players if they should partake in any footballing skullduggery.
Osters executives Mathias Concha, Johan Lindberg and Peter Wibran are the men behind the new decree, which they hope will usher in a new era of honesty and sporting integrity.

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