A review of all the major football talking points for you to reflect on this week

Fans questions flood in

Earlier this month we asked you to give us the questions that need to be asked in Scottish Football and you have not been shy in coming forward! Please have a read and circulate.


The annual Scottish Football Supporters Survey -- carried out by Supporters Direct (SD) on behalf of the football authorities with their approval, endorsement, direction and funding - has been completed. This Survey produces some interesting annual data, but it is also limited. This is because the questions chosen remain ones the football authorities approve, which means that there are other questions fans are asking which don't necessarily get included never mind answered!

We think that it's vital that the SPFL and the SFA hear directly from fans, as well as carrying out their own survey through a client organisation. We are the only national autonomous vehicle who can make that happen. It's YOUR VOICE that we are concerned to get across in an informed, robust but constructive way.

 That's only one example of why it really matters that Scotland has a national fans body that is run for and by fans in Scotland, and is fully accountable and financed in Scotland.

As of today we welcome ANYBODY with an interest in our game to submit questions for consideration. We will be employing a professional academic led business to really see what fans feel. SEND QUESTIONS TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS: questions@scottishfsa.org

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North American World Cup bid expecte

As predicted by the SFSA on the BBC several months ago by our CEO USA, Canada and Mexico look at a joint World Cup Bid.

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Is Scottish football really in rude health?

According to this recent Daily Record article attendances are up and everybody would be celebrating. However, if you dig a lot deeper into these figures it is plain for all to see that this "growth" comes around due to the redistribution though changes in the better supported team in the league. Read more here:

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Terrorism has a deep impact in Football

Recent events at Westminster and Dortmund have just highlighted that the world of football is not immune from the world of terror. Read what our member Andy Lapota, the well known business guru, has to say on the matter.
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Killie Fans Can Make History with £100,000 Fundraising Campaign

Killie supporters can help make history next week by backing a campaign to have a fan-elected Director join the board of Kilmarnock FC.

‘Trust in Killie’ will be launched at the club’s Good Friday (14/4/17) match against Hearts. Organised by the Kilmarnock Supporters Society (also known as The Killie Trust), the campaign aims to raise £100,000 to purchase unallocated shares in the club.

It follows an agreement made last year with Kilmarnock FC’s board which would see a Supporters Society representative take a seat on the club’s Board of Directors. As well as giving fans a real voice in the operational running of the club, the elected Supporter Director will ensure there is a meaningful link between the board and fans, whilst providing a stepping stone towards greater community ownership.  Read more here:

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