A review of all the major football talking points for you to reflect on this week

Fans questions flood in

Earlier this month we asked you to give us the questions that need to be asked in Scottish Football and you have not been shy in coming forward!

Some of the questions you want raised are below:-

  • Who are the SFA/ SPFL accountable to?
  • Why is there no industry watchdog for football?
  • Why do clubs strive to compete in Europe where there is strict liability yet refuse to adopt it at home?
  • Every player, manager and coach seems to say a larger top league would benefit our game yet why has this not happened?
  • Why are clubs scared to adopt summer football?
  • Why can supporters not vote for the President of the SFA?
  • Given a succession of club failures in recent years does the SFA have a list of former directors who are now banned from our game, Romanov, Whyte, Green, Masterton? If so why is in not made public?

As we said previously supporter surveying needs to be fan -driven otherwise change will not happen so please get your questions to us.

We think that it's vital that the SPFL and the SFA hear directly from fans, as well as carrying out their own survey through a client organisation. We are the only national autonomous vehicle who can make that happen. It's YOUR VOICE that we are concerned to get across in an informed, robust but constructive way.

That's only one example of why it really matters that Scotland has a national fans body that is run for and by fans in Scotland, and is fully accountable and financed in Scotland.
As of today we welcome ANYBODY with an interest in our game to submit questions for consideration. We will be employing a professional academic led business to really see what fans feel. SEND QUESTIONS TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS questions@scottishfsa.org.

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A welcome return for the Hi Hi?

TThe backers of Third Lanark have unveiled a £5 million plan to redevelop Cathkin Park, 50 years after the original club went under.

Founding members of the Scottish Football League, the Hi-Hi went to the wall in after years of mismanagement, the final game a 5-1 defeat to Dumbarton in 1967.

Here is a fantastic article that takes us through the Third Lanark story from the highs to the sad demise.

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Media and fans working together

In England, away fans from all Premier League clubs will see their tickets capped at £20 for the first time in a pioneering move by Virgin Media and the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF). 

As part of the ‘Twenty’s Plenty’ campaign, Virgin Media through its partnership with the FSF, is reimbursing the costs of supporters’ tickets above £20 for a single away fixture at all top-tier clubs.
The SFSA believe that everyone who has an interest in developing the game in Scotland should be working together and that includes the Broadcasters. We will strive to ensure that happens in the months ahead.

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Sponsors not wanting to go to Russia

Sponsors don't want to go to Russia; fans don't want to go to Russia so it begs the question why is FIFA taking the World Cup there?

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