A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.
Scottish Football 
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That was the football week - 13/12/16


Fans Awards 2016

Nearly 1000 fans have already voted with some amazing suggestions. We want as many fans as possible to be involved so have extended the deadline to midnight on Friday.  It is your last chance - you can vote here.

Results will be revealed  on BBC's Off the Ball before the end of 2016.

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The SFA in the spotlight

The recent sexual abuse scandal is growing larger by the day and the Chair of the SFSA recently wrote to the CEO of the SFA. You can see what the organisation suggests here.

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FA not fit for purpose - is the SFA any better?

The Football Association is outdated, held back by "elderly white men" and unable to counter the power of the Premier League, say five former executives of the governing body. David Bernstein, David Davies, Greg Dyke, Alex Horne and David Triesman say the FA has failed to "self-reform". Meanwhile here in Scotland apart from a few members on the press nobody seems to be demanding reform.

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Are 3 G pitches safe?

Last year we were contacted by a member who was concerned that his son and daughter were playing on astro turf that some academics fear might be releasing cancerous chemicals. We have highlighted the concerns to the Scottish Government and hope to engage with one of those academic from the University of Stirling in early 2017.

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Could Amazon and Netflix be the place to buy your TV football in the future?

Will we soon by buying our TV football from Amazon? With trials already happening in the USA it seems only a matter of time before these new broadcasting giants step into European football market.

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Politicians are getting more involved in football in England

A Labour MP has proposed that professional English football clubs should discount ticket prices for young people and plough a percentage of transfer fees into local facilities. Justin Madders, MP for Ellesmere Port and Neston, delivered a first reading of the Football Supporters Access Bill in parliament, which was made up of three parts.

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And finally...

The Football Association is to launch a ‘Player to Coach’ initiative to introduce England players past and present to coaching.

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