A review of all the major football talking points for you to reflect on this month

Give Us Our Ball Back Campaign remains top of the supporter's agenda

We are delighted to say that the campaign is still attracting the attention of fans and the media. We continue to be amazed at how many supporters have contributed to make it a success. We now have 14202 completed surveys which surpass the 12000 survey responses that the SFA/SPFL managed to attract after a major campaign that was supported by both bodies and all our clubs. What makes the campaign all the more remarkable is that responses have in the main been generated by word of mouth and through fans social media channels.  It really has been by fans for fans!

Simon Barrow Chair of SFSA said," In Germany with 82.3m people they managed to get just under 18,000 survey responses and given the passion of Scotland with our 5.3m Population, you never know - we might just create a World record for fan  engagement along the way. We need fans to help us by cutting and pasting the survey link and the video link and sharing them on their own fans Facebook pages and forums"
The survey closes on 20th August at Midnight




SSFA HOMO PASSIENS.... and now for some thing completely different

Later this week Prof McNeil a SFSA member will along with Irvine Welsh launch the most interesting football book to hit the shelves in years. The good news is that next week we will give you details of how you can order direct from our website. Meanwhile to whet your appetite:-

Did you know that humans evolved running on two legs (bipedalism) to play football?  Did you know that humans have domed heads and flat brows for subtle and controlled heading?  Did you know that goalkeepers have opposable thumbs for saving?  Did you know that the bioarticle that binds foot to ball and known as the mession has recently been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland?  These are some of the amazing findings of Professor Gordon P. McNeil of St Andrews University, Scotland.  He backs up his hypothesis with scientific research, such as the discovery of the elbow gene in defenders (ELB HIT Alpha-1) for violent fouling, with the discovery of the goal scoring hormone scorotonin, and with archaeological finds of football in prehistoric cave paintings, and carved stone footballs in Scotland depicting ancient football art (known as fitb’spheres), and by the amazing finding of Greek vases from 300 BC showing soldiers protecting their private parts during a free kick.  The author of the amazing book Homo Passiens interviews Professor McNeil in various taverns around Scotland, in which the learned academic proves beyond doubt that humans evolved bipedalism to play football and that the species Homo passiens predates Homo sapiens by more than two million years.  Prepare to have your mind stretched, bent and warped as you discover the true origins of mankind and the missing link in human evolution.  In this book, Homo Passiens: Man the Footballer; you will enjoy Matt Kenyon’s amazing illustrations that back up the theory.   Football will never be the same again.

Henry McLeish steps into the campaign spotlight

Former First Minister Henry McLeish has called for Scotland's national team to be given more priority than the club game as he also encouraged fans to have more say in the game.

McLeish authored a two-part report advising changes to youth football and the governance of the game. and is now a Board Member of the SFSA

He told BBC Radio Scotland's Off the Ball "a lot of progress" had been made since his 2010 recommendations.

But he explained: "I just feel that the national side is playing second fiddle to the club game." You can read more about what Henry said here

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McLeish calls for crackdown on online abuse

FORMER first minister Henry McLeish has called for a crackdown on online football trolls before a player is attacked or killed. The politician has condemned the abuse directed at Scottish football stars in recent months and labelled those involved in it “psychopaths”. This is something that we at the SFSA take very seriously and will work with any partners going forward to try and ensure there is a plan in place to eliminate it. Read more here:

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