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Campaign Newsletter

At Midnight on 20th August the period for evaluation of how Scottish Football is governed will come to an end. Then our colleagues in Germany will start to look at all the data that has been gathered and pull together a comprehensive report that will for the first time provide an independent review of its performance. As Peter Drücker, the world-renowned business management leader, said: “What gets measured gets improved”. So the next few days provides YOUR last chance to be part of that process for this year.
At the launch of the evaluation our Board member and former First Minister Henry McLeish said that he felt that this was, "A watershed moment in Scottish Football Governance - with no turning back".
We currently have had surveys completed by 14760 people from right across the game including Referees, players, managers, coaches, club officials and of course supporters. We have had submissions from fans of every senior club in Scotland as well as from the Highland League, Lowland League, juniors and amateurs. We are delighted that so many folks have taken the time to contribute and to be part of what we believe has got to be a movement to modernise and democratise Scottish Football. It just shows that even without the support of the clubs in promoting our campaign we still managed to get significant numbers of people engaged in the process.
The survey closes on 20th August and we hope to get closer to 16,000 by that time so please ensure that every fan you know does the survey and we would ask you to cut and paste the link and put it n all your social media channels.

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/sfsa-benchmark-2017

A football book like no other launches at the Edinburgh Festival

Written by one of our members Mike McInnes it was launched ay Easter Road
And we were delighted that Mike along with former First Minister Henry McLeish and Scottish literary legend Irvine Welsh too the time to help promote our work.

Homo passiensHomo Passiens: Man the Footballer is a fun book. It is not to be taken seriously. But
It does use some principles drawn from the evolutionary and cultural history of
Mankind such that, if it were true, it would fit in with a crazy hypothesis that humans
Evolved bipedalism (walking on two legs) to play football.
Next week our newsletter will be dedicated to the book but in the meantime if you can't wait for the most important fitba book every to hit the shelves you can buy it here. If you do a small donation will be made to help support the work of the SFSA if you insert the code SFSA-10

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