#GiveUsOurBallBack campaign - be part of it

 Special Campaign Newsletter
#GiveUsOurBallBack campaign - be part of it

A very warm welcome goes out to all of our many new members. Thank you for having the faith in us to change the game here in Scotland. For those who have been with us since 9th April 2015, thanks for hanging in there with us on what has often been a bumpy road.
We usually send a weekly newsletter to all members and we ask our GROUP members to ensure that they forward this communication on to all their members and also make it available on any group websites.
For those members, old or new, wanting more information about the SFSA please take 10 minutes to look around our website and you should get a good understanding of what we have been doing. If you want more information or have any questions, just email us on Info@scottishfsa.org.  We will, however, use this special newsletter to give you a summary.

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/sfsa-benchmark-2017
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7bC2s-VxzY

Membership - currently 68,918

We have three categories of membership that follow the categories used by our sister organisation in England, the Football Supporters Federation. These categories are: Individuals, Groups and Affiliates. Our target is to reach 100,000 members, as we believe that will give us real bargaining power at Hampden Park. So, if your supporters association or trust or other fans group has not already joined the SFSA, please nudge them, as this is the fastest way to get those numbers up.


We have started a Just Giving crowd funding platform to help us pay for the costs of publishing the survey results and an action plan for Scottish football as well fund the costs of an SFSA road show that will go around the country and enable us to talk through future plans with fans. Until now apart from a £7,000 project grant we received from the Scottish Government in December 2016, we have been funded by gifts in kind and by the co founders of the organisation. By comparison, we believe that Supporters Direct Scotland have received at least £60,000 from the SFA in the past year.  This, of course, potentially impacts their ability to be neutral and may explain why they don’t seem to ask/answer the difficult questions.  In contrast, the SFSA is an independent organisation.  However, the work we are doing costs money so we need to attract more sponsors and benefactors whilst always being careful not to compromise our values and independence.  Our independence is critical to our operation and credibility

The campaign

We have been delighted with the response so far and at after only four days we are heading for 10,000 survey responses. We remind you all to promote the survey far and wide and ensure that anybody with an interest in Scottish football participates. The survey is open until 20th August 2017 and results/analysis will be available in September. The largest independent fans survey of this type was completed in Germany in 2016 with 18,000 participants. If we could beat that figure, it really would be some achievement given that Scotland has a population of around 5.3m population compared to Germany’s 82.7m!
We are delighted that over 40 referees have already taken part.  In addition to this, over 200 players and 12 SPFL coaches and managers have completed the survey so far.  We remind you that the late, great Bill Shankly once said, "Football is about the Holy Trinity, the players the manager and the fans - nothing else matters."  This perfectly illustrates that we all need to work together to ensure that our game changes and improves.

What we need you to do

Follow us on Twitter and like, retweet to share our updates
Encourage journalists and bloggers to write about our survey
Encourage football follower's sites and other key players, influencers to promote the survey
Follow us on Facebook and like, share, repost the links where you can
Email links to your football friends, e.g. send the links below to any fans you are connected with
Ask your club’s fan organisations to participate in and promote the survey
In summary, keep promoting the SFSA survey activity until 20th August 2017.

What we are doing next

Writing to all Scottish professional clubs, including Highland League and Lowland League and asking them to promote the survey
Writing to SPFA asking them to encourage players to participate and back it
Working with SLMA to try and get more coaches / managers involved
Discussing with several journalists to keep promoting the activity
Investigating if Instagram could be a useful social media tool for us.

A special word of thanks

We have had one sponsor from the start of this process, Insure Direct Global. Their support is really appreciated so please help us to help them by booking any travel insurance you need with them via their website at www.insuredirectglobal.com
Come on all you Dons and Celtic fans going back into Europe for matches, remember you need travel insurance!

Survey Link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/sfsa-benchmark-2017
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7bC2s-VxzY
JustGiving Link: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/SFSA
SFSA website Link: http://scottishfsa.org

Yours in Football
Paul Goodwin and Simon Barrow
Co founders SFSA