A review of all the major football talking points for you to reflect on this week

SFA Governance questions to be asked

For many people a Supreme Court Judgement was a straw that broke the camels back when it came to the outputs from Hampden Park. We have been contacted by many fans of many different clubs who can't believe what we have seen from the football authorities in recent times. The consensus is certainly that governance of our game is just not good enough.

We as an organisation have to work for our members and will in the coming weeks reveal what we propose to do to try to address the deficit in good governance that is a blight on our game.

Membership surge confirmed as we head for 68,000

On the back of the above story and our continued focused campaigning we are delighted that there has been a dramatic surge in SFSA individual memberships. We have also written to fans groups to encourage them to join us too.

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Please remember to get all your fans and groups that you know to join us.

Teams being set up to drive fans strategy for Scottish Football

We already have a Marketing team and a Governance team set up who will contribute to our future strategic plans. If you have skills in research, finance, legal, community/not-for-profit, design, writing or photography let us know at info@scottishfsa.org and you could be part of some amazing project work that will drive the organisation forward in the months ahead.

SFSA at Football Supporters Europe Congress

We attended the 9th Congress and were delighted that two members (Tim Upton and George Paterson) joined us. Tim and George read about the Congress here in a previous newsletter. Holidays and Campaign strategy mean that there will be a delay in coming back to members with key points from the Congress.

SPFL to be congratulated on being transparent

It is not often that the football authorities in Scotland give us any information that allows us to evaluate the game, so when we saw the figures being released around the prize money for the League Cup we were surprised! But for releasing that information we would like to congratulate them.

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IMPORTANT - The final word "90 minutes"

We will shortly be asking every fan in the country to give 90 minutes talking, writing, debating and participating in our biggest every campaign as we seek to #reclaimthegame. Please note that your next newsletter will be delivered to you on 20th July and we will need you to be active for 90 minutes!