A review of all the main talking points you need to reflect on this week.
Scottish Football Supporters Assocation

That was the football week


Fans Awards - a huge success thanks to you!

It took us a while to get there; but we managed to get the Awards into the hands of those who you wanted to win! In out monthly newsletter available next week we will look in more detail at the awards and ask all our members how they want to develop the Awards for the coming years. A special thanks to our friends at Caithness Glass for supplying the Awards.
You can read who won here:

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Heads you win or heads you lose?

The debate around the potential damage from heading footballs continues to gather momentum and you feel that at some stage in the future that this issue will need to be addressed seriously by the football authorities. We have had several high profile cases here in Scotland in recent times which have raised the subject as one for public concern. Read more here including how head injuries are being assessed in the USA:


Sport in the digital age - big changes ahead

The digital age has changed sport more than most industries. Here we look at just how one of the major players in the marketplace has evolved in the past 10 years. If you are interested in data and the fact and figures behind every game or match then this article is for you.

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And just how will we watch our favourite sports in the future?

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Cup Fever - ill due to the wealth in the English Game

Over the last two rounds there has been some of the biggest upsets ever seen in the FA Cup. However, despite the excitement that is still generated by these results there is a growing feeling that the fans are being cheated due to the obscene wealth that means the Cup is less important to the bigger clubs. Read more here:

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