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February 2017 Newsletter


Welcome to our February newsletter where this month we concentrate on some very serious issues around fans are being treated here in Scotland.
We would once again ask you to get all your friends to join the organisation and to follow us on Face book and Twitter to help us #reclaimthegame
Simon Barrow

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Serious funding issues, internal divisions and arguments are continuing at Supporters Direct. We relay below, without further comment, a disturbing letter being distributed by twenty supporters trust members down south, including past officers and board members of SD. Obviously we entirely support their concerns and express our solidarity with them. We were asked to pass them to all fans in Scotland.
The SFSA Board is actively considering how best to proceed in the light of these latest developments. Please let us know what you think. You can read more of our thoughts on this here:

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For the information of SFSA members and supporters, here is the letter we and others have received from Robert Pepper, former Vice Chair of SD (repepper.rep@gmail.com): "In October last year, Justice4Jac was pleased to report that after several months of relentless pressure put on the Chair and Board of Supporters Direct, a decision had been made to pay the salary of terminally ill, longest -serving employee, Jacqui Forster, from June to December 2016.
“That was indeed welcome news but the campaigning group, including former Vice Chairs and directors of SD, called for the resignation of those responsible for voting to stop the pay. Their actions caused needless unnecessary stress to a terminally-ill woman when she least needed it.
“That call went unheeded but this year will see another round of elections to the Board of Supporters Direct and Justice4Jac hereby serves public notice of its intention to nominate one or more candidates for election to replace those responsible for last year’s code of behaviour, unacceptable for a co-operative organisation.
“With the advent of a New Year and the concomitant opportunity for reflection and new resolutions, it isn’t too late for the responsible directors to do the honourable thing and resign their positions rather than face a public debate on their abject lack of compassion and co-operative values."


Match fixing a concern for fans worldwide - including those in Maryhill!

Earlier this season after yet another Partick Thistle capitulation in the last 5 minutes of a game, a chap sitting near me suggested that the only explanation could be that the Jags were part of an elaborate betting scandal. What other explanation could there be to this phenomena of camping in your own penalty box for the last 10 minutes until you lose the game?

Of course his remarks were made in jest and never considered seriously for even a second by his fellow fans. However, across the World there continues to be a very serious problem that the football authorities have yet to properly address. Read more here:

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Fans voices being ignored at Queen of the South FC

It is very sad to hear about fans of any club being treated badly. It is even worse for us when it is one of our members. On this occasion, the Queens Trust, who are being treated with contempt by the current Board of Queen of the South FC. Look out for a special newsletter looking at how important fans are to clubs which will coincide with the Queen of the South AGM on 20th February.


There are as many football package providers as there are clubs to explore. Homefans’ travellers are looking for something more than just a ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. Opening up to Homefans allows fans from around the world to, share one another’s football experiences, embrace the positive energy and pass it on. For SFSA members, Homefans can provide a fantastic unique trip and in the coming months we will be working with them to develop a strategy for football tourism in Scotland.  http://homefans.net/

The SFSA Board is now looking to build on the early work of the organisation

Your Board, which was recently described by Aileen Campbell MSP, the Sports Minister, as robust and impressive, is now firmly established. One of our next main tasks is to ensure that SFSA members are better represented in a more robust structure. We will be seeking your views on this in the coming months. You can read the profiles of our Board here:

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The SFSA can be found on Twitter @scottishfsa or through #reclaimthegame and on Facebook. 
For further information on the SFSA and the Fans Awards, please contact Paul Goodwin on 07702-252519.