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Good Governance in football   a distant dream for fans

Sadly we never had the opportunity to get Sigmund Freud's take on the meaning of the dreams of football fans.  The analysis of the dreams of football supporters might make for interesting research but on the surface the vast majority of football fans would want to see their club or their country, entertain, to win more than they loose and to be around for future generations to appreciate them.  One of the saddest things about   OUR game is that it has become hijacked by individuals and businesses that have used the beautiful game for their own shallow selfish interests. The power and the money that drives the game might not be huge in Scotland by comparison to other nations, but the problems remain the same. With no say on how we run the game in Scotland the key stakeholders; players, managers, coaches and ordinary fans can only look on in disgust at the complete lack of vision for our game, precious little transparency and no proper accountability to the key stakeholders. It is as if we don't exist.
With your help we will campaign relentlessly to change the game for the good of all not just the select few who think they actually OWN clubs or think it is their game because they sit on a committee at Hampden Park. The current infighting at Hampden Park between the SFA (a member's organisation owned by clubs) and the SPFL (a member's organisation owned by the same clubs) only shows that radical reform of the game is needed. We need individuals and fans groups that YOU might know to join us try to make things better. So please help us recruit more members who can join for free here.
Further afield a corporate governance expert dismissed by FIFA earlier this year is set to speak about his time at football's world governing body when he appears before a committee of MPs next week.
Miguel Maduro, a Portuguese statesman, was hired to boost FIFA's image following several corruption scandals. Anybody with an interest in the game should listen to what he has to say next week.


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SFSA backs call for review of governance

The SFSA believes that it is essential to move forward to a position where transparency and good governance standards are met by everyone in our game. To do this it is essential to have proper evaluation and scrutiny of the administration of our game to learn from the mistakes that have been made in the past. You can read the full statement here.

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Twenty's plenty scope for activity in Scotland

South of the Border our friends at the FSF have had great success campaigning for a £20 limit for away prices. There is a voluntary cap in the BPL in place of £30 at many grounds across England.
Away fans visiting St Mary's Stadium this season will once again be benefiting from a £20 cap on away tickets at the south coast side thanks to Virgin Media.
Virgin Media have confirmed that they will once again be subsidising every visiting fan Southampton by up to £10 - so no supporter seeing their side at St Mary's will pay more than £20. Offering a saving of more than £500,000 in total for travelling fans.

If you think this is a campaign we should be staring to look at in Scotland then get in touch and let us know what prices you think would work and Scotland and your thoughts on a campaign.

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