A review of all the main Scottish football talking points for you to reflect on this month.
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December 2016 Newsletter


Fans never get a say… so let us start with the 2016 Fans Awards!!!! VOTE NOW

Voting is now live. Our very own 12 days of Christmas – with voting closing at midnight 12th December. The first every chance for fans to rate the best and worst referees, the best goal in 2016, the best player and Fan of the Year. The awards themselves have be specially designed for us by our friends at Caithness Glass. We are delighted to announce that the Award Winners will be celebrated in a special show from Tam and Stuart and the team at the iconic Scottish fans show Off the Ball, which will be broadcast at the end of 2016.

So please get involved here:

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Historical Sex abuse cases in football - a Scottish Perspective

Sadly Scotland will not escape from what is a very serious national scandal. Here we look at the actions of the SFA and what we expect might happen next.

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The SFSA secures its first funding from the Scottish Government

Here at the SFSA we have been building up a team of dedicated volunteers  who have ensured that the organisation continues to build on its early promise. With nearly 65,000 members we are developing a sustainable operational model that has allowed us to campaign on many important topics. Since we launched in April 2015 we have built a good working relationship with the Sports Minister’s team and have pitched for several projects over the past six months. We are delighted to report that we will be providing reports and focus groups for the Scottish Government.

Simon Barrow, Chair of SFSA, said: "As a Scottish operated supporters’ organisation, run by fans for fans, it is an important step forward for the self-organisation of fans to be recognised by the Scottish Government. These projects will help grow our work while retaining our independence. Our aim is to be a critical friend of government and the football authorities in seeking ways of renewing football in Scotland from the grassroots."

Full details of the projects will be disclosed in the coming months.

There are as many football package providers as there are clubs to explore. Homefans’ travellers are looking for something more than just a ticket, a hotel room, and a seat on a bus. Opening up to Homefans allows fans from around the world to, share one another’s football experiences, embrace the positive energy and pass it on. For SFSA members, Homefans can provide a fantastic unique trip and in the coming months we will be working with them to develop a strategy for football tourism in Scotland.  http://homefans.net/

Stonewalled in Scotland - few rainbow laces on show

European Football Fans

With a weekend of action that was supported by the BPL you would have expected the SPFL to follow suit given the shocking Stonewall report that was published last month. Sadly it didn't happen and we don't think that is good enough. The SFSA have pledged to work with Stonewall Scotland to make sure that action is taken in 2017.

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Fan Engagement - do it the German way

We love the way that Bayern Munich engages with fans. We also love the way that they show little fear of criticism from the fans and are braced enough to evaluate just about everything they do at the club. Over the coming months we will be looking at this aspect of the game and how it can be adapted here in Scotland where fans engagement is worse than mediocre.

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The perils of playing in a luminous shirt as a Peterborough United player makes a superb pass to a steward!

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At the SFSA this month

  • Confirmation of activity at Aberdeen FC & Motherwell FC re visit of Union Berlin's Jacob Rossler

  • Board strategy meeting in Edinburgh held to look at next stage of organisation development. Board meeting to be held on 1st December

  • Sponsorship proposals sent to two new companies

  • Memberships now over 65,000 following several group members joining

  • Invited to Motherwell FC v Partick Thistle FC as guests of Well Society