Dear Fellow Supporter,

Welcome to your first monthly newsletter. We do hope that you will be impressed by how much we have achieved in just 18 months and consider getting further involved to help us drive the fans agenda here in Scotland.

It is fair to say that we have exceeded our expectations, but there is still a lot to do as an organisation that is still in its infancy.

I hope you do enjoy the read and take the time to consider how you can be part of changing the landscape of Scottish Football by being an active participant in our movement for change.

Chair SFSA


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Playfair Qatar Weekend of Action - GET INVOLVED

Fifa and Qatar

On the weekend of the 15th of October, football fans and trade unionists around the country will join together in calling on FIFA and Qatar to take urgent action to protect the rights and lives of the workers preparing the country to host the 2022 World Cup. Qatar’s laws mean workers are effectively owned by their employers, so they can’t walk away from dangerous work. Now new laws mean employers can keep workers from leaving the country for up to five years. Qatar is secretive, and independent researchers and journalists are harassed and even arrested when they investigate the treatment of workers.

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SFSA pushing the fans agenda through Europe

European Football Fans

Whilst the UK might have decided to exit from Europe, at the SFSA we believe that being an active and strong participant in European Fans affairs will be an essential part of our movement. To that end we recently attended our second European Networking conference in Turkey in late July. From that conference it was decided that Football Supporters Europe needed a better picture of what was happening regarding how fans were being treated by police, stewards and clubs across Europe.

We would ask all members to participate in this survey as soon as possible. We will feedback the full results in a future newsletter as well as making them available to the Scottish Government and to the football authorities and clubs.

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Stonewall Report into football makes for disturbing reading

We were recently on the BBC Radio Scotland's John Beattie show discussing the rather worrying figures released concering the abuse suffered by the LGBT community in Scotland. You can read the full report and listen to the interview here:

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Journey to community ownership

SFSA Community Ownership

One of our Co-Founders (Paul Goodwin) has a lot of experience working in community ownership. If you every want him to talk to you fans just get in touch.

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SFSA vacancies

Whether you are retired or a student wanting work experience in football, a student wanting to hone your skills or a fan who just wants to write about the beautiful game. We have a range of opportunities that you will enjoy as well as helping the organisation grow and prosper.

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We hope you have enjoyed the read. Soon we will be launching a weekly update to keep you informed on the latest news in Scottish football.